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    At the Academy of Superheroes, we have 3 mentors specialising in

    Economics, General Paper & Mathematics


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    • A structured Economics tuition programme founded by Mr Eugene Toh who tutors more than 200 students each year.
    • All topics are carefully covered, placing emphasis on points that are commonly misunderstood as well as helping students develop adequate & important skills in essay writing and CSQ application skills.

    Economist at AOSH &

    Founder of Economics at TuitionGenius

    • Mr Toh graduated from NUS with a B.A. in Economics and is completing his M.Sc. in Applied Economics at SMU.
    • He founded the programme in 2007 and since then, more than a thousand students have graduated from his classes with distinctions at the A Levels Economics. 
    • He genuinely cares for his students and attempts to make Economics an interesting subject, one that you can apply to your everyday life.

    Singapore's Leading Economics Tutor!

    Economics Made Easy

    Mr Toh is different from other tutors because he employs a mixture of strategies to help the student excel. He thinks that for a student to excel in a subject, he must first be interested in the subject, and that’s why Mr Toh tries to make his lessons interesting and relatable to the student. He also looks at the syllabus holistically and reverse engineers the methods to do well for the examination by ensuring that the appropriate right amount of content is covered without compromising on the quality of the learning. Through weekly discussions and looking at real-world problems, Mr Toh also helps his students discover the essential application skills that are required to score that Distinction in the A Levels. Proudly quoted from one of his ex-student Kelvin Wui who is currently studying at Yong Soo Lin School of Medicine at NUS: “Economics stopped being the mindless mugging subject that once was after I joined Mr Toh’s class. Understanding how economic concepts really work and how to correctly answer the exams questions are just some of the things I learnt. My passion for economics has increased significantly, with all the real life examples given to us.”

    • A structured General Paper tuition programme founded by Mr Xavier Tong who tutors more than 50 students each year.
    • All topics covered are carefully chosen with strong emphasis on common difficulties faced as well as helping students develop adequate & important skills in essay writing and application skills.

    Mr. Xavier Tong

    Writer at AOSH &

    Founder of é Touché!

    • Graduated from NUS with a degree in Political Science. 
    • Tutoring since 2007, Mr Xavier founded his programme in 2012. Hundreds of students have since graduated from his programme.
    • Humour and creative approaches to honing critical thought is what sets him apart from other tutors.
    • Champions the notion that education is not just about  grades but more; preparation for life.
    • Firm belief that education is meant to be liberate and enlighten. 

    General Paper

    Programme Spectrum

    • Years of teaching General Paper compelled Mr. Xavier to create a holistic programme which can house both the beliefs of é Touché! and the rigour of General Paper.
    • GPS is a structured learning programme which progressively exposes and trains students to think critically with regards to real world issues, be it international or domestic without neglecting the necessary practice needed to excel.
    • Deliberate effort is put into the design of the programme that leverages upon education theories and multimedia.



    Championing Life |With Mathematics

    Mr. Timothy Lim | www.capt-m.com

    Statistician at AOSH &

    Founder of Captain Mathematica.

    • Started his Mathematics tutoring journey since 2007. Since then, he has been championing the course of Mathematics, Simplified. 
    • He graduated from the National University of Singapore with second upper class honours in Social Science (2008 - 2012). 
    • A champion in the subject himself, he took the 'A' Level' S' paper, and was in the 100th percentile in his cohort for Mathematics in the Preliminary Examinations in 2005. He was also given the opportunity to represent his school in the Mathematics Olympiad in 2001.

    Champions Programme

    Made for Aspiring Champions and Winners

    • Topic-By-Topic Coverage with the aim of making each topic relatable to reality
    • "Need For Speed" Sessions are tailored to equip students with the skills to finish their papers quickly and carefully.
    • Free Consultations before and after class, just in case you need that for materials outside class.
    • Fun and conducive environment to make learning and exceling easy!